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Dinner Table

3 Generations..Over 250 Years


The longest continually running tavern in the United States

A family business is more than your last name

The Altland House is one of the longest continually operating taverns in the country. Started in 1750, the tavern has been on the corner of the square since before the official founding of Abbottstown.

William Penn gave the land to Mr. Abbott, and the tavern soon received one of the first liquor licenses issued in the state. In 1880, Rueben Altland purchased it, and in the 1950s the Haugh family took over.

The Altland House is a three-generation family business—but being part of the family isn’t conditional on being a Haugh.

“I have early memories back in the kitchen chopping vegetables with Grandma Dot, who was my mom’s mom,” said Ben. “She taught us how to chop vegetables for the soups. There’s still a little dip where her knife cut all the vegetables for all those years.”

“Chef Matt started here when he was 15 years old pushing a vegetable cart. He’s been with us for years. He’s our lead chef. We all know that Matt is Dad’s favorite son. We joke around that Ben and I fight for the number two spot,” said Ryan.

The hospitality industry is all about care, and Ben and Ryan know the right team members are critical in creating great experiences as they continue to grow. “We can’t go table to table the way Grandma Betty could. But it’s still a family business, even though we’re serving 300-800 people a day because of our team,” said Ben.

The core values of hospitality, care, and attention to detail are as important as ever. The foundation that Grandma Betty created and the long history of serving the community that has existed for centuries is something the Haughs hope to see continue long into the future.

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